SEARCHING For Online Entrepreneur Who Want To Make Big Commission
By Selling Online Business Education Program.

FROM: Shally Martin
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Would you like if I give you an opportunity to earn big commission online? Yes BIG COMMISSION up to $700 per sale! And what’s good about this is, all you need to do is to make a sale of a $49 product (which you will also get commission) and then the marketing team behind this system will make the high ticket sales for you.

PLUS, If you want to make money much faster, you can also make the high ticket sales yourself and get your profit margin to be higher and achieve your financial freedom much faster too. So? What do you think about this? Are you interested? Please read on… 


I have recently invested in a high quality training program. This training program teach how to set up your online business and successfully make profit from it. It is a good training program with a lot of training resources and at the end of the training program I was given a chance to become an affiliate to sell this high quality training program. 

Looking at how good the training program was, then I decided to make it into one of my online business. Then, I invested and started promoting the program by placing advertisement online. After I finish putting an advertisement online, I was thinking, what if I try to find a customer in Facebook to see how effective free advertising will be and also to know which method will works for me well. But then I did not manage to see the result since as I was searching for my potential customer in some Facebook group, I found out that there were many internet user who are interested to make money online but they do not have the resources to invest in any of the program. So it came to my mind, what if I invite them to be a part of my marketing team? Then I let them promote the product that I promote and let them earn big commission online. Wouldn’t it will be a win-win situation for both sides? 

Thus, I work on creating POBSE. POBSE or Papa Online Business Strategy Education is a membership website that was created with the main mission to let you earn big commission with little to no investment. With POBSE you can make money online by promoting the product that I promote and earn up to $700 per sale.


In Creating POBSE, I decided to create 2 POBSE membership which is basic membership and silver membership. Currently POBSE Silver membership is the highest membership level in POBSE. 

By subscribing to POBSE silver membership, you will become a silver member and it will allows you to become POBSE marketing team and then let you earn higher tier of commission which is up to $700 per sale.

As silver member you are also entitled with bonuses worth $9,276 and I will tell you more about this in the next section.


3 Simple Step To Make Commission From $20 to $700 Per Sale


Earn commission from $15 up to $700 per sale by becoming POBSE Member!


There is a list of products that you can promote. Choose one or you can promote all of the products.
But our recommendation is for you to master 1 low end product and make a sale with it. When you make a sale, the marketing team will work for you to sell high end product at the back end.


Once you already search, choose and understand the product, start telling people about it. You can use free traffic or paid traffic for this.


The high quality training program that I had recently invested were Gold Masterclass by MOBE. After finishing the course, I have become a Gold Consultant for MOBE and I found out that I had made the right choice to be in MOBE.

MOBE or My Online Business Education is a training company founded by Matt Lloyd and they concentrates on online business education. MOBE have dozens of high quality training program such as 21 Steps Business, Silver Masterclass, Gold Masterclass, Titanium Mastermind, Platinum Mastermind, Diamond Mastermind, Mentorship, and lots more. They also have a lot of high quality event such as IM Freedom Workshop, Get More Customer Summit, Prosperity Mindset Summit, Stock Investing Summit, Leverage Summit, Real Estate Investment Summit, Precious Metal Summit, Traffic Summit, Conversion Summit, Asset Protection Summit, Supercharge Summit and The Home Business Summit.

Here is a video from one of MOBE live event.

MOBE commission range from 90% to 50% from the product price. At the time of writing this, I would like to recommend you to directly join MOBE since they have lots of training resources available plus you will have your own personal coach and you will earn full commission if you promote the product by being a MOBE consultant. But, if you are not sure and would like to try it out, I personally recommend you to join POBSE as a silver member since you will be promoting MOBE product, you don’t need to make a large investment and also you can save money to pay for your education in MOBE. PLUS, you can get more discount by becoming a MOBE student through your link in POBSE too since I will still pay you the commission even if you buy through your link in POBSE. So I always want you to remember that when you start at POBSE and you are making good amount of money in POBSE, I highly recommend you to upgrade, join the training in MOBE and become a MOBE consultant so that you can get the full earning in MOBE.

Here is some of the video from our member in MOBE that had made good Commissions in MOBE;


Here is the full list of the product that we will promote in POBSE  and the commission that you will get if you become a member;

ProductDescriptionPriceSilver Member CommissionBasic Member Commission
My 7 Figure Nest Egg$49$20$15
Turnkey Business System$49$20$15
Borderless Income System $49$20$15
Rookie Profit System $49$20$15
WiFi Millionaire System $49$20$15
21 Steps WiFi Millionaire  Ebook $3 $1$1
Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough$49$20$15
7 Figure Freedom Formula$49$20$15
Top Tier Side Income (21 Steps) Webinar$47$19$14
Top Tier Side Income (21 Steps)$47$19$14
17 Minutes Only$49$20$15
Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle$49$20$15
Digital Millionaire System$49$20$15
My Top Tier Business$49$20$15
Get More Customer Summit$2997$700$300
Prosperity Mindset Summit$2997$700$300
Stock Investing Summit$2997$700$300
 Leverage Summit$2997$700$300
Real Estate Investing Summit$2997$700$300
Precious Metal Investing Summit$2997$700$300
Traffic Summit$2997$700$300
Conversion Summit$2997$700$300
Asset Protection Summit$2997$700$300
Supercharge Summit$497$60$40
The Home Business Summit$497$60$40
My Email Marketing Empire$194$80$60
Internet Marketing Revolution Handbook$9.95$4$2
OPT Formula$194$80$60
Silver Masterclass$2497$600$250
Silver Masterclass Webinar$2497$600$250


Before I tell you why you need to join POBSE, ask this to yourself;

Are you making enough money for living, paying bills and all your family expenses?
Are you making enough money to save for your retirement?
Are your job giving you the life that you want?
Are you selling a product that has big profit margin up to $700 per commission?
Are you interested to invest in an affiliate marketing that pays a higher tier of commission per sale but you do not have the financial to get started?

If you are not living the life that you want, back to $0 at the end of month, having less saving for retirement, or you do not have a product that pay you high commission and you want to have that kind of product to promote but you do not have the money to do so, YOU HAVE TO JOIN POBSE AND BECOME A MEMBER!

As a consultant for MOBE, I want you to promote a high ticket product and earn commission with POBSE and then you become a MOBE student as soon as possible.

Take POBSE as your first step to try and also to promote MOBE. I believe you will be able to do it since MOBE produces high quality training and no other company that I know is make a training like MOBE and at the same time pay you for referring other students to them. Then when you feel comfortable as a POBSE member and is making a good amount of money enough to pay for your education with MOBE, why not you become a MOBE student, undergo all the training that they have, become a MOBE consultant and then start making full commission by selling MOBE product.

 Plus there is also benefits that you will get by joining POBSE and $9,276 bonuses that I will give you if you join me today!


As an affiliate maraketer, I never found any program that pay high commission and do the backend sales for me without me doing any extra work other than inviting people to my landing page.

Up To $700 Commission

Some of the training products was sold at $2997. And you earn $700 every time you sold this product.

Second Highest Commission

Most of this product is owned by MOBE. MOBE is paying double the amount that I pay in POBSE. I want you to become directly affiliated with MOBE. But if you don't have a choice, start with this system first since the commission that I will pay is high too

Small Investment

You only need to maintain a small monthly membership fee in POBSE. The reason that I put a fee is so that you value your investment and will started to take your online business seriously.

On Demand Product

Most of the products were online business products and some other was about real estate, stock and other investments. All of these products is an on demand product and is the most popular niche in the internet.

High Quality Product

Most of the product is a high quality training product that includes training with people such as Matt Lloyd, Charles S. Mizrahi, Kevin Harrington, Raymond Aaron, Drew Innes, Shaqir Hussyin, John Chow, Dr. Don Burnham and Lots More.

Dozens Of Products

I have listed 30 products that you can choose and promote online. I am also going to add more high end products in the future.

No Selling

You don't need to sell, just tell people about the product, give them the link and tell them to go there and watch the video. But if you prefer to sell, it will be good too since if you tell them about the product using your own voice, they might be much comfortable.

Only Traffic Generation

Tell people about the product using free and paid traffic method. You just need to have your customer to be in front of the product and let the system do the selling for you.

Back end Sales

Once you have made your first sales, your customer will undergo the training. As they learn more, they will need more resources which is outside the training scope. And that is when the back end team will tell them the product that they need. It's like paying for a Master Degree after taking a Bachelor Degree.

Part Time

You can promote your link on part time basis. You do not need to work full time on this unless you choose to do so. If you can spend 1 hour and get a customer who will pay for a high tier product or maybe you spend 30 minutes to optimize your advertisement and then make a sales, isn't it amazing?


By becoming a Silver Member in POBSE, you will get these bonuses;

  • Lifetime access to Premium Collection of eBook, video, template worth $369 and more
  • POBSE affiliate support worth $2500
  • 3 Step POBSE training worth $2697
  • Setting up of your First Facebook Page worth $50
  • Setting up of your first email list and email campaign with mailchimp worth $250
  • 30 days Done For You email template worth $1,799
  • 3 Done For You funnel to build your list of subscriber worth $1499
  • Your own personal blog at POBSE worth $112


By becoming a basic Member in POBSE, you will get these bonuses;

  • Lifetime access to Premium Collection of eBook, video, template worth $369 and more
  • POBSE affiliate support worth $2500
  • 3 Step POBSE training worth $2697
  • Setting up of your First Facebook Page worth $50



$ 19
  • Lifetime Access To Premium Collection of eBook, Video, Template Worth $369
  • POBSE Affiliate Support Worth $2500
  • 3 Step POBSE training worth $2697
  • Setting Up Of Your First Facebook Page Worth $50
  • Setting up of your first email list and email campaign with mailchimp worth $250
  • 30 days Done For You email template worth $1,799
  • 3 Done For You funnel to build your list of subscriber worth $1499​
  • Your own personal blog at POBSE worth $112​


  • Lifetime Access To Premium Collection of eBook, Video, Template Worth $369
  • POBSE Affiliate Support Worth $2500
  • 3 Step POBSE training worth $2697
  • Setting Up Of Your First Facebook Page Worth $50